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Buenas Tardes,

Soy mexicana y me gustaría encontrar trabajo en Santiago de Chile, anexo mi cv (está en inglés) :

Personal Data

Name : Laura Estela Muciño Solís

Profession : Chemist Biologist (Food Technology)

College : Universidad La Salle, A.C.



(2007 - Up to date) :

Special Ingredients Director (Mexico, Central America and Caribbean) .

Develop and execute strategies for business growth in the Mexican food industry through the creation of value solutions, product design and technical service ensuring company sustainability.

Generate high revenues through the development of tailored-made products exceeding customers´ needs.

Strategy business development for new markets in Mexico and Central America/Caribbean zone.

Growing up in highly specialized products that generate margins up to 10%, which have been developed from a deep knowledge of our clients and their consumers, technology/market trends and concepts that allow an innovative new categories and / or improve existing ones.

Evaluate investments that contribute technological growth achiving Company goals.

CARGILL DE MEXICO S.A. DE C.V. (1999 - 2007) :

Merchant Senior in DSONA Division (Dressings, Sauces and Oils of North America) focused to edible oils and fats.

Develop robust key account sales/service plans that address the value drivers of key customers.

Customer distinctive value created with deep knowledge of their needs, getting long-term business relations with economical benefits for both sides.

Advise DSONA of new customer requirements and the way to achieve/satisfy customer business goals that may help them differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Businesses opportunities development that means a profitable growing with the use of risk administration tools (CRC´s, Trigger Caps) , buying/selling futures at CBOT, trading, international market comments, allocation outlines, hedges, savings derived from efficiencies in the process and product handling.

Sales and income budget, control of volume and margins per customer.

Technical support and customer service to promote products.

Technical advising for testing performance at plant level.

Specific products development for bakery, margarine, snacks and confectionery industries to fulfill customer needs.

Packaging plant production coordination, and inventory control.

Administration, planning and shipments coordination in packaging warehouse.

AARHUS MEXICO (1993 - 1999) :

Sales (commission merchant/broker) :

Increase customers´ portfolio up to 30% with knowledge of their needs, technical support and customer service. Created an excellent job relationship that allowed

us getting into their processes.

Applications Manager :

Development of new products (edible oils and fats) for food industry.

Development and knowledge of customers, being able to offer them products according to their needs through technical support, as well as their improving customers’ processes.

Develop of specific and specialized products for the food industry (bakery, margarine, snacks and confectionery) using SBO, PO, SUN, PKO and tallow.

Making samples up at laboratory level with hydrogenation, refined, bleaching, interesterification, and deodorization processes.

Development of CBS (cocoa butter substitute) , CBR (cocoa butter replacement) , and lauric products for confectionery industry.

Improvement of control process at plant level.


Quality Control Manager :

Performing studies to improve every stage of the process and make them more efficient.

Statistical control of the process.

Procedures manual and a quality manual implementation.

Induction system for the laboratory’s staff.

Promote and supervise good manufacturing and operation practices for the different processes.

Laboratory Supervisor :

Physical-chemical analysis of edible oils and fats starting from the reception of raw material, processing, and finished product.

Implementation of methods for AOCS analysis.

Caustic refining for tallow and soybean oil directly in the process.


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Innovation and Applications.- Team Foods; Bogotá, Colombia; February, 2008

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Business Excellence.- Minneapolis, USA, Sep, 2006

Corporate Orientation Program.- Minneapolis, USA, Feb, 2006.

Getting Started as a New Leader.- Cargill Mex, Nov, 2005.

Fundamentals of Management.- DDI; Mexico City, June, 2005.

Personal Marketing.- Promoción Empresarial; Mexico City.; May, 2004.

Certification in Marketing (Diploma) .- ITESM Campus Sta. Fe , June, 2003.

Congruent Sales .- Promoción Empresarial; Mexico City; October, 2002

Margarine Production Seminar .- Danisco; Aarhus, Denmark; October, 2001.

Lauric Products Seminar.- C&T; Charlotte, NC; April, 2000.

ISO 9002 Course.- IPN; Morelia. Mich.; March, 1998.

Training Course .- Aarhus Inc; New Jersey, NJ; October, 1997.

Confectionery Seminar.- Aarhus Olie; Mexico City and Guadalajara, Jal.; June, 1997.

Fats and Oils Workshop (for Nestle) .- Aarhus Inc., Columbus, Ohio; April, 1997.

Training Course .- Aarhus Olie. Aarhus, Denmark; March, 1996

Training Course.- Anglia, Ltd, Humberside, England; April, 1995.

Malaysia Palm Oil Symposium.- PORIM; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; September, 1994.

Lauric Products Development.- Aarhus Olie; Aarhus, Denmark; May, 1994.

Muchas Gracias


Laura muciño


Team foods méxico


Laura muciño arinc


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